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UPDATED 04.05.21


UPDATED 04.05.21

MILAN is dedicated to breeding, raising, and showing the finest quality halter horses in North America. We will always strive to show and raise animals that are sound in structure and temperament while being balanced conformationally front and rear.  We will never waiver on soundness because our experience has taught us this foolish and selfish decision will always come back to hurt your program, other programs and ultimately the breed we so love. Our breeding practices will attempt to improve soundness where it is deficient and constantly work on the need for balance and good conformation. As owner of Milan I believe good conformation is about "angles" and "correct and proportional angles". Our efforts will focus on purchasing animals and breeding animals that can produce the angles of upper arm, shoulder/scapula, back, hocks, croup, etc. that over time will improve our horses. Will we always have that perfect conformation and balanced horse at Milan? The answer is absolutely NO!!!  We have a very concentrated gene pool and it takes time under those conditions to make changes that may be necessary but changes are possible with what I call "discipline breeding".  Milan will stick to our principles for the betterment of the AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE and the HALTER EXHIBITORS OF THE FUTURE.

We look forward to working with many of you in the future. Please feel free to come to Athens Texas and visit our new ranch and halter facility.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our web site and Milan's Quarter Horses.
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